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Introduction of gear processing method for Renqiu gear plant
Time:2016-08-09    Source:Xin xing chain wheel factory    Views:4130
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Introduction of gear processing method for Renqiu gear plant
Gear is a kind of drive part which we often see and use in our daily life. In fact, the gear is also divided into many types, according to the different shape of the different types of transmission can be achieved. The following small series for you to introduce the gear processing method.
Gear processing method
1, milling teeth
The shape of the cutter tooth section and the shape of the gear tooth is relative to the shape of the gear tooth. The machining efficiency and precision are low, only suitable for small batch production.
2 forming grinding teeth
Also belong to the forming process, because the grinding wheel is not easy to repair, the use of less.
3 gear teeth
Belongs to the generation process, the working principle of the equivalent of a pair of helical gear meshing. The prototype of the gear hob is a helix angle big helical gear, because of the number of teeth is very small (usually tooth number Z = 1), teeth for a long, winding form a helix angle is small the worm on the shaft, through slotting and shovel teeth becomes the hob with cutting edge and corner.
4 shaving gear
In the mass production of shaving is a finishing method of non quenching hardened used. The working principle is to make use of the gear shaving cutter and the processed gear to make the free meshing movement, with the aid of the relative sliding between the two, to shave off a very fine chip from the tooth surface, in order to improve the accuracy of the tooth surface. The shaving gear can also form a drum shaped tooth to improve the position of the contact area of the tooth surface.
5 insert teeth
Gear hobbing is in addition to outside of a common use of the method of generating cutting process. When the gear is inserted, the cutter and the workpiece are equal to the engagement of a pair of cylindrical gears. The reciprocating motion of the gear cutting knife is the main movement of the gear, and the circular motion of the gear shaping cutter and the workpiece according to a certain proportion is a feed movement of the inserting tooth.
6 generating gear grinding
Generating grinding tooth cutting motion and hobbing similar, is a kind of tooth shape finishing method, especially for hardened gear is often only finish machining method. Generating gear grinding worm wheel grinding can be used, also can use the conical grinding wheel or disc grinding wheel.
7 gear broaching
Gear broaching is mainly used for cutting of inner gear and final shape of the broach and a gear complete alveolar space the same, it is a contouring machining method, because of the high manufacturing cost of the broach. Therefore it is suitable for in batch production.
8 press gear
Punch shape and complete gear or complete tooth shapes at the same time, it can press outdoor gear, and also the stamping out of the inner gear. It is suitable for mass production.
9 gear without cutting
1) the use of metal plastic deformation of sintered powder final shape or improve the quality of tooth surface gear tooth like part of less machining methods, points for the workpiece processed at room temperature of cold forming and the workpiece heated to 1000 DEG C for about processing hot forming two kinds. The former includes cold rolling, cold forging, punching and so on. The latter includes hot rolling, precision forging, powder metallurgy.
2) no chip processing gear can make the material utilization rate from the machining of 40 ~ 50% to more than 80 ~ 95%, and productivity can be multiplied, but due to the limitation of die strength, generally only the processing of small modulus gear or other gear parts, and of high precision gear, by chipless forming still need to use cutting final finish the whole tooth.
3) need to use special processing equipment, the initial investment is larger, only in the production of large quantities (generally more than 10000 pieces) can significantly reduce production costs.
The function and structure of gear
Gear is an important transmission component of the machine and its main function is through flat keys or spline and shaft parts connected to form a whole, and the other a or a plurality of gear meshing, the power and the movement from a single shaft transfer to another shaft.
Gear is rotating parts and its structure characteristics is diameter is larger than the length, usually composed of a outer cylindrical surface (cone), an inner hole and keyway (Hua Jiancao), tooth and alveolar and ladder face etc., according to the structure of the different gear often have rim, wheel hub, the web plate, plate hole, spoke etc. structure.
According to the gear structure, can be divided into solid, web type, orifice plate, spoke and a variety of types, if gear shaft and do together, the formation of gear shaft. According to the tooth profile and the distribution of different forms, there are many types of gear, commonly used standard gear can be divided into straight teeth cylindrical gears, helical gears, bevel gears, etc..
Summary: introduced above is Xiaobian to introduce the way of gear machining, hope can help to you, friends if you have any good suggestions. For more information please Renqiu sprocket factory - Renqiu City Chong Yi Machinery Fittings Co., Ltd.
Article source: Renqiu Chong Yi Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. (formerly Renqiu new sprocket plant)
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