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Renqiu gear plant tells us that the development of stainless steel sprocket several major advantages
Time:2016-08-03    Source:Xin xing chain wheel factory    Views:4035
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Renqiu gear plant tells us that the development of stainless steel sprocket several major advantages and application of chain wheel and chain note:
First, the sprocket is widely used in various vehicles and machinery equipment transmission system, has been basically based on domestic production in the. We produce business chain meet the people supporting the needs of and some products have been exported to many countries in the world to the, but in the application of the automotive industry, exports and gear sprocket by some restrictions, only basically meet the demand of our domestic auto manufacturers.
Industrial gearbox will often be used our sprocket, the introduction of foreign capital in recent years gradually strengthen the development and demand of domestic industrial gearboxes, in terms of the quality of the product and, in recent years have made great progress, at present domestic some large manufacturers can already and foreign manufacturers compete.
Special wheel drive, such as non round chain wheel, chain sprocket plastic gear, powder metallurgy gears, small modulus gear, in China, there is no formation of leading enterprises, enterprise's technical potential has yet to play, at present our country connectors and fasteners have policies to support, encourage them vigorously develop its own technology and strength, strive for a breakthrough in production and innovation.
Sprocket is often used in the industry, we will give you a brief introduction to his design.
1, we choose non-standard sprocket model, we must according to mechanical models or models to choose and buy.
2, due to the relatively easy to loosen the driven sprocket, so after the installation of the chain should be reinforced measures.
3, after loading the transmission chain and adjust the tightness, we must carefully check whether the chain and sprocket is smooth.
4, it is best to regularly maintain and lubricate the chain wheel and chain, long-term so that they can be lubricated and maintained, so that they can improve their service life.
5, carefully check the installation of the parts of the sprocket is in good condition, the various parts of the fastening and link is intact, if there is a problem should be adjusted or replace the maintenance
Article source: Renqiu Chong Yi Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. (formerly Renqiu new sprocket plant)
Article link address: http://www.zgcyll.com/Ch/NewsView.asp?ID=27
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