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Renqiu sprocket plant to ensure the forging quality of gear blanks
Time:2016-08-03    Source:Xin xing chain wheel factory    Views:7761
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Renqiu sprocket plant to ensure the forging quality of gear blanks
It is easy to occur the component segregation in the lower temperature quenching, so that the low carbon ferrite is not completely dissolved in the austenite, and the strength of the gear is reduced. Machining of gear blanks can improve the uniformity of composition by forging process. In addition, forged note the consistency of the big gear ring microstructure, to reduce the gear ring expansion, and the homogeneous distortion, and regularity
Article source: Renqiu Chong Yi Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. (formerly Renqiu new sprocket plant)
Article link address:http://www.zgcyll.com/Ch/NewsView.asp?ID=26
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