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Sprocket maintenance and maintenance
Time:2016-05-31    Source:Xin xing chain wheel factory    Views:3264
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Sprocket manufacturers tell you, sprocket maintenance and maintenance
1, the tightness of the sprocket degree to be appropriate, too tight will increase power consumption, bearing is easy to wear; too loose sprocket easily beat and off the chain. The tightness of sprocket: lift from the central sprocket and pressing down about two wheel center distance of about 2% to 3%.
2, the chain wheel installed on the shaft should not have to swing and skew. In the same transmission components in the end of the two chain wheels should be located in the same plane, the sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters below, can be a deviation of 1 mm; sprocket center distance of 0.5 meters or more, can deviation 2 mm. But can not have the side of the friction chain gear side, if the two wheels are too large and easy to produce off the chain and accelerated wear and tear. Must pay attention to check and adjust the offset when changing the chain wheel.
3, sprocket wear serious, should be replaced at the same time the new sprocket and new sprocket, in order to ensure good meshing. Can not only replace the new sprocket or new sprocket. Otherwise it will cause the meshing is not good to speed up the new sprocket or new sprocket wear. Sprocket tooth surface wear to a certain extent should be used in a timely manner (refers to the use of the sprocket wheel), in order to extend the use of time.
4, the new chain is too long or use after elongation, difficult to adjust, can see to remove the link, but must be an even number. From the chain sprocket back through the lock sheet is inserted in the locking piece outside the opposite direction of rotation of the opening in the.
5, the chain wheel in the work should be filled with lubricating oil in a timely manner. The lubricating oil must enter the roller and the inner sleeve to improve working conditions and reduce the wear and tear.
6, the old chain sprocket and part of the new mixed use, otherwise easily in the transmission of shock, breaking the chain.
7, the machine for a long time, the chain wheel should be removed with kerosene or diesel oil clean, and then coated with oil or butter stored in a dry place.
Article source: Renqiu Chong Yi Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. (formerly Renqiu new sprocket plant)
Article link address: http://www.zgcyll.com/Ch/NewsView.asp?ID=15
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